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Doing a DITY Move? We Can Help!

Do-It-Yourself Moving has never been so popular! We can help you make the most of your move. You may not have a choice of when or where to move, but you can make your move work for you!

  • Military PCS? Learn about the government's DITY Move/Personally Procured Move program. We've arranged special discounts to help you profit!
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  • Not Military? Check out how2moveyourself.com!

Learn the best methods to make money and take charge of your own move using the government's DITY/Personally Procured Move program!

If you've never moved yourself and want to know some of what's involved, check out this documented DITY Move from Maryland to Colorado. Get a feel for the process and pick up some handy moving tips!

We can walk you through the basics of a DITY/Personally Procured Move...

  • Understanding the DITY Program
  • Obtaining the Best Military Discounts
  • Choosing a DITY Strategy
  • Examining the DITY Options
  • Contacting the Right Offices
  • Understanding the Packing Process
  • Loading Your Truck Properly
  • Handling Family Concerns
  • Traveling
  • Unloading Your Truck
  • Claiming Your Reimbursement
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"Do It Yourself" doesn't mean "Do It Alone"

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